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Comments From Others - Is it ok to eat in the Church building, fellowship hall, multi-purpose room or any room purchased with offering money?

1) Let’s say the congregation has a large meeting room in the basement,...  ...If they chipped in their own money for this,..  Would this be ok?  ...your site would indicate that only eating food at home ... going out for food after the service would be forbidden.   I had seen one church of Christ, for example, use a large amount of their funds to run a family camp once a year.  It is one I went to once, and totally regretted it. Biblical Reply to This Comment
2) Preaching is NOT a preachers labor.  A preacher is to preach willingly. Paul says to be satisfied with food and water. 2Peter 2:3 describes the televangelist of today.  These are preachers that use your same quotations about a labor is worth of their hire.  This is a complete lie to keep milking your members of their money.  Do not accept money form your members.  The desciples worked and preached at the same time and so should the preachers of today! Biblical Reply to This Comment
3) The write up you have pressented regarding eating in the church or fellowship hall is very ok with the neccessary bible texts quoted. I personaly don't buy the idea that it amounts to sin or abuse of God's authority to use the church collection to setup recretional facilities. Biblical Reply to This Comment

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