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Comments From Others - Can musical instruments be used in Church services?

1) he New Testament does not say anything about wearing pants or dresses... so you better shed them and wear a cloke and a coat or vest... maybe a turbin for your head too. ...  I don't think that paper money and checks were mentioned... so you better keep those instruments of sin at home and tell your pastor... sorry but I'll have to give you a tithe of something like a batch of vegetables or some other groceries.  Who in your church's history started this nonsense of not playing musical instruments in church?... Biblical Reply to This Comment
2) Do you have running water and a bathroom? How about electricity? (Did you find authority in the New Testament for these?) I can also guess that you probably have a kitchen in your building that you meet in. It is being a hypocrit to decide that an organ is wrong...but electricity, plumbing and the likes are right.... Biblical Reply to This Comment
3) Do you know what the Greek translation for "psalm" is and are you willing to put it on this site?   What will be used to sound the end of time as we know it?   Is it your position that instruments used in worship to the Lord is a sin? Biblical Reply to This Comment
4) Do you believe it is o.k. to clap your hands or tap your foot when you sing?  And I know that many of the Churches of Christ use a pitch finder before they sing.  What is the difference in playing 1 note or 25 notes?  This is a knit-picking, moot point That may hender many people from going to the Churches of Christ.  This is just a silly arguement that needs to be dropped. ...This garbage has been handed down from generation to generation. Your church is so dry I bet if I came to your church, I would see tumbleweed blowing around in the aisles. Biblical Reply to This Comment
5) My daughter-in-law made the comment to me, that electricity wasn’t in the new testament either and that if Church of Christ didn’t use musical instruments because it wasn’t written in the bible then they shouldn’t use electricity while having their service as well.  By the way....she is Baptist. Biblical Reply to This Comment
6) I am a “non instrementalist”  attending an instremental church. Who will cast the first stone?
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