Someone to Care:      To loved and be loved is one of our basic needs in life.  To the elder adult this need can become a most serious problem.  Often death has separated him or her from their companion of marriage.  In time he or she loses many of the friends and other members of the family.  They might find themselves alone, unwanted, and unloved.  If so, in danger of becoming dejected and despondent, and even decide that life is not worth living.     Family members should not have to be prompted to supply the needs of their aged loved ones.  The Holy Spirit declares that he who does not provide the needs of our own is worse than an infidel.  ( I Tim. 5:8 ).  As Christians we should know it is God's desire that we minister to the needs of the Lord's people.  This is urged upon us in Galatians ( 6: 10 ). "Therefore as we have opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of faith." also Matthew 25: 31ff. We who are identified in Christ believe it is our duty and privilege to minister to our own, members of our fleshly families and brethren in Christ. We should all be constrained to believe these passages including the need for each of us to care as well for physical necessities of life.     When the aged are nearing the final activities of this life, do we that are younger approach them for information, gained and stored in that vast storehouse of knowledge,  through the many years of failure and success? Is that the only reason we visit them once in a while, if we ever do?  When the passing of time slows them down to the place of inactivity, when they must give up almost everything that they once loved, do we make a causal announcement that they are unable to attend the worship they once loved so much? Oh, sure, we pity them and might even feel sorry for them. But I wonder if that alone will remove the loneliness from their hearts?     Do you suppose that we could possibly give up just a few moments from our happy, busy life to visit them every week or so, or is it asking too much of each one of us? Do you suppose we will ever grow old and lonely and long for some friend to just drop in for a little chat? Do you suppose we will; really miss them when they are called home by our Lord onto a place where they "will never grow old?" They won't need our love, care and assistance then, for they will be in the presence of love Himself.  I really wonder what our excuse will be for our negligence when we are face to face with our Lord. Do you suppose you will ever grow old?  Think On These Things?   Robert Swain

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